Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Replacement!

Tony Eury Jr is no longer Dale Jr's crew chief! This comes right on the tail-end of some really bad races. Lance McGrew will be the temporary crew chief starting next week. This weekend at Dover, Brian Whitesell will step up as Crew Chief.

I was just saying yesterday that I blamed lots of Dale Jr's problems on bad calls made by Tony Eury Jr. I am not surprised that this change happened. Well, if Jr does any better at Dover, I will be happy. If he doesn't I will be sad.

For more info on the replacement, go to the following sites:
Scene Daily
Freshscrubber Blog

Just remember, you heard it here at A Dose of Nascar.... told by a 9 year old racing fan.

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  1. hey tripp i found more kid blogs and there this eight-year old who has a blog. his site name is but if that doesn't work for you just go see my new post on my blog. :-)

  2. Tripp,
    Your blog is so better than mine, but I am just working on mine a little. I liked that you followed me. I'm glad that you're my brother.