Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The big one!

Photos Courtesy of Fox News

At Talladega 2 weeks ago which was the worst "big one"? I think the worst big one was what DW (Darrel Waltrip) calls the, "Oh my gosh big one!"
Brad Keselowski said that he was just trying to keep his line. He was under Carl Edwards when he came down to block. I think the crash wouldn't have been so big if Ryan Newman didn't hit the back of Carl when Carl was coming down.
My Nana and Papa where there and the crash happened right below them. She called me to ask if I saw it.


  1. Hi Tripp nice pic big one - i kind a like it...keep on bloggin'

  2. WOW , those are very impressive photos!
    Thanks for visiting my site:)
    A toga is the outfit that Romans use to wear in the old times, people use them as costumes now days.
    I'll keep checking your post , they are really cool!

  3. The driver was ok, but 7 fans were injured by flying debris!