Thursday, May 7, 2009

Racing Quiz

Which 2 people do you think won a championship 3 times in a row? I will give you a 4 hints:
Person #1
1. he races in Hendrick Motors.
2. he won the championship last year.

Person #2
3. Retired in 1988.
4. He had 83 wins,319 top tens,and 70 poles.

Post what you think the answers are in the comments.


  1. I think person number 2 is Dale Sr #3 but I have no idea about person #1... being that I don't know squat about Nascar. :-)

  2. 1 was obviously Jimmie. 2, as you put it is Dale Sr. But Dale Sr never won 3 in a row. He actually won back to back 3 different times I believe.

    Cale Yarborough was the only other driver to win 3 in a row: 1976-1978