Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tripp's Article!

Everyone needs to go check out the article that was done on Tripp by Racing News Digest. Click HERE for the article! Tripp also might be on WKRG News 5 in the near future. They have expressed an interest in maybe doing an interview with him. Please go check out his article and leave a comment.

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Friday, June 5, 2009


Practice 1 - Jimmie Johnson won practice one. Tony Stewart wrecked when he wrecked his splitter, hit a pot hole, and ripped strait off.

Practice 2 - Denny Hamlin won practice two. Brain Vickers wrecked in the same spot as Tony Stewart, but Brain Vickers car spinned around backwards, so his splitter didn't come off.

Jeff Gordon wins pole position because Stewart spinned in practice one. I'm sad because Dale Jr started 22nd but he finished 12th at Dover and starts 17th at Pocono. He finished in 24th position at Pocono. Tony Stewart won the race at Pocono!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Replacement!

Tony Eury Jr is no longer Dale Jr's crew chief! This comes right on the tail-end of some really bad races. Lance McGrew will be the temporary crew chief starting next week. This weekend at Dover, Brian Whitesell will step up as Crew Chief.

I was just saying yesterday that I blamed lots of Dale Jr's problems on bad calls made by Tony Eury Jr. I am not surprised that this change happened. Well, if Jr does any better at Dover, I will be happy. If he doesn't I will be sad.

For more info on the replacement, go to the following sites:
Scene Daily
Freshscrubber Blog

Just remember, you heard it here at A Dose of Nascar.... told by a 9 year old racing fan.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nascar Foundation

The NASCAR Foundation embodies the compassion of the NASCAR Family and our commitment to serving communities. The Foundation supports a wide range of charitable initiatives that reflect the core values of the entire NASCAR Family. The NASCAR Foundation will use the strength of the sport and its people to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.
Visit their page! Everyone can contribute something to help al the charities that Nascar Supports! Please, it would make a big difference.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The All-Star!

Tony Stewart won the All-Star Race for the first time! First win for Stewart Haas Racing. Tony and Ryan have had great finishes the whole season. Before this season, Stewart Haas had only 1 top 5 finish. I wonder which Haas car will win the first point race.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Racing Favorites

Photos Courtesy of Flickr.

My favorite race car driver of all-time is Dale Earnhardt Sr. (#3). My favorite race car driver that is racing now is Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#88). My mom and dad said my first word was "Dale". Dale Sr. died in 2002 at Daytona. He went down the track and got tapped by the #40. He went up the track, hit the #38, and hit the wall. He later died of chest injuries.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Race House

My dad might make me a place where we can sit and look at the dirt track. It might be up high and under it will be my dirt track garage. It might be by my dads shed and it will overlook the track. There will be 5 flags and a place for the flagman to stand.
I have 40 toy race cars! My first race car I can think of is Dale Jr. Above is a picture of most of my cars. It's kind of like a collection. Ha ha! It's going to get bigger and bigger!

Racing Quiz

Which 2 people do you think won a championship 3 times in a row? I will give you a 4 hints:
Person #1
1. he races in Hendrick Motors.
2. he won the championship last year.

Person #2
3. Retired in 1988.
4. He had 83 wins,319 top tens,and 70 poles.

Post what you think the answers are in the comments.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Winning Rookie

Brad Keselowski might be the only rookie to win a race in 2009. The last rookie to win a race was Juan Pablo Montoya at Sonoma in 2007. There are 2 more rookies, their names are Joey Logano and Scott Speed. I don't think another rookie can win a race in 2009.
Photo Courtesy of Brad Racing.

Birthday Win - May 2nd 2009

Photos Courtesy of Scene Daily

Kyle Busch made weekend sweep. He won the Busch Series race at Richmond a week ago. He also won the Sprint Cup Series race at Richmond. He is the second one to win on his birthday in Sprint Cup history.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The big one!

Photos Courtesy of Fox News

At Talladega 2 weeks ago which was the worst "big one"? I think the worst big one was what DW (Darrel Waltrip) calls the, "Oh my gosh big one!"
Brad Keselowski said that he was just trying to keep his line. He was under Carl Edwards when he came down to block. I think the crash wouldn't have been so big if Ryan Newman didn't hit the back of Carl when Carl was coming down.
My Nana and Papa where there and the crash happened right below them. She called me to ask if I saw it.

My race track!

I have a race track in my backyard. It has 6 turns. My dad is going to make a garage. My race track covers my whole backyard! Almost my whole neighborhood comes to race with me.