Thursday, May 7, 2009

Race House

My dad might make me a place where we can sit and look at the dirt track. It might be up high and under it will be my dirt track garage. It might be by my dads shed and it will overlook the track. There will be 5 flags and a place for the flagman to stand.


  1. Hi Tripp - This is MoonNStarMommy - I've left you a couple of notes. This account is my son Calahan's, he likes race cars too. We just started a blog for him too, so I thought I might leave you a note from him (he'll be working on his blog tomorrow), and follow you for him.

  2. hey um my friend eric wanted you to come see his blog cause he says he needs at least 5 followers. K have a great day!

  3. eric's site is